Mobile Development

Mobile web solutions in all shapes and sizes adapted to your business needs.

Why do I need a mobile-friendly website?

Creating a website that looks great and works on mobile devices/tablets, as well as traditional PCs, MACs & laptops does cost more. In-line with current online trends however, internet usage on mobile devices is fast out-pacing traditional usage on desktop machines, and the loss of business opportunities far outweighs the investment of having a mobile-ready website.

Can I make my website mobile-friendly?

Adapting to the growing demands in the web industry can get frustrating. There are many available ways to get mobile (which we will look at below), but let’s be straight from the start; it’s always going to be best for your business to have a one-stop shop for all your products and services.

We recommend to keep this in mind for mobile, creating a seamless online experience for your customers across all devices.

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Our marketing specialists work with customers to get target-driven results, better conversions and enhanced visibility online.

Social Media

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API Integrations

We can help you consolidate your systems by integrating your website with ERP, CRM & other organisational systems.

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Mobile Development

Mobile web solutions in all shapes and sizes adapted to your business needs. We plan, design and develop cutting-edge mobile websites catering to customers “on the go”.

We contracted Web Actually as consultants to help us implement several projects related to our website. Good work, keep it up.

Adib C. Middle East Airlines

Web Actually helped us get our website up and ready forthe launch of our brand. We’re thrilled with the speedy results and professional looking website.

Danny Island Juice

Long time partners that have helped make our shop one of the most popular on the web. Working with us continually on developing our website to keep us on top.

Sam L London Seed Centre

We required a website with heavily customised forms to satisfy the guidelines of financial markets regulators. Web Actually delivered on time, a satisfied customer.

Tony C. Linear Markets

Web Actually helped us get our first website off the ground to sell our branded clothing products. They helped us every step of the way, couldn’t recommend them more.

Danielle A. The Modesty Company