About Web Actually

Who we are

We are a team of young professionals specialising in everything digital. Our designers are artists, our developers are visionaries, online marketers & social media experts ordained gurus and all have been hand-picked to deliver industry changing solutions.

At Web Actually, the project managers are expected to lead the process, and are also required to have an in-depth understanding of all the moving parts of the project. As any composer in a musical orchestra knows, waving your hands about just doesn’t cut it. The project manager must understand all the instruments involved and play a key role in creating a harmonious solution.

A cohesive team is crucial to the success of any project and at Web Actually, we recognise that a strategic partnership with our clients is the key to that success.

Our Approach

The success of a project is as important to us as to our clients. We want to get to know your company’s people, products and services, your clients and goals, values and work ethics. In chorus, we want to validate that our own goals and values are compatible with yours to deliver on your expectations.

It all starts with a discussion about the project, on where the need for the desired solution has arisen from and what it must ultimately deliver to add value to your company and customers. With our insight and your expertise, we will establish whether the human resources and capital are available to collaborate and succeed in creating an industry leading solution.

Once the project is approved, we’ll waste no time in getting started. We define the scope of the project, set goals and targets for the weeks to come, and determine customised metrics to optimise performance along the way, all communicated with you the client.

Team work results in great work. Our clients’ insights and feedback are crucial from start to finish for us to understand your business and address your perceived challenges at every step of the journey. Each collaboration has a dedicated project manager to enable us to work together fluidly. In our experience that collaboration is crucial to the success of the final delivered solution.

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Our Services

Digital Marketing

Our marketing specialists work with customers to get target-driven results, better conversions and enhanced visibility online.

Social Media

Engage your audience and expand your reach with social media marketing

API Integrations

We can help you consolidate your systems by integrating your website with ERP, CRM & other organisational systems.

Website Design

Websites designed with the future in mind, making them beautiful & functional across multiple devices & browsers. We plan, design and develop cutting-edge responsive websites.

Branding & Strategy

We position new & existing companies in their marketplaces with a fresh look and appealing proposition. Differentiate your company from the competition with a compelling branding message.

Mobile Development

Mobile web solutions in all shapes and sizes adapted to your business needs. We plan, design and develop cutting-edge mobile websites catering to customers “on the go”.